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        แจกเครดิตฟรี 1000บาท

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        Very good product


        Overall very good product. Not without issues and a little pricey, but the kids love it! The instructions are ridiculous, so use utube for tips, and it was damaged straight out of the packaging, so take photos as you go. Worth investment though.



        Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

        Loved our Plush lounge so much we got another


        The store manager Rob remembered us from when we bouggt our first lounge 4 years ago which is still in great condition. The service was grwat and we were very satisfied.

        Ms McGregor

        Ms McGregor

        Sydney, NSW

        The best instant kettle I’ve had


        Great machine we have had this product for about 8years need missed a beat would recommend this to everyone changing the filter is easy and instant cold and hot water and fills the cup up no touching

        Michael T.

        Michael T.

        Sydney Surrounds, NSW

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